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Published At: 27 Dec 2019
Published By: cvc-admin
Why Elevating Legs Can Benefit Your Health !

Lifestyles of many people today are devoid of physical activities. Most of the professions nowadays require working either while sitting or standing continuously. Even during our personal time, we spend a lot of time sitting in front of the television or travelling while seated. This sort of sedentary lifestyles not only affect our health by encouraging weight gain but it also ultimately results in vein damage.

There are many factors that contribute to venous insufficiency, you can read about these factors here. While exercising and wearing compression socks can promote healthy circulation and reduce the chances of vein problems, there is another method which is simple, easy and absolutely free.

Elevating Your Legs

Although this cannot completely replace exercising, elevating your legs can benefit your veins a great deal. Let us find out how elevating can relieve you from venous insufficiency.

  • Pressure Relief

Continuous sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time puts additional pressure on your veins. Elevating your legs relieves the added pressure from the veins and supports the vein functions. 

  • Natural Flow

Added pressure also causes the veins to work harder against gravity to bring back the deoxygenated blood to your heart. Elevation supports the natural blood flow and reduces the further weakening of the veins.

  • Reduces Inflammation

With reduced-stress blood flow, veins will not be overworking and due to this, any swelling present in your legs will go down as well. 

How to Elevate Your Legs Correctly

Raise your legs above your heart

The only effective method of elevation is to make sure that your legs are above your heart.

Elevate at least 3 times a day

To gain proper results, elevating once in a while will not help. Incorporate this routine into your lifestyle for positive results. 

Keep your legs up for a minimum of 15 minutes

It is ideal to do longer, but if you can at least allocate 15 minutes for 3 times a day, that would help as well. Try not to read or use your phone while in this position as it might cause neck pains.

Use a cushion

It is necessary to make sure that your neck and back have proper support. Use a cushion or pillow to provide support and also to achieve a 45° angle for better circulation. Do make sure that a cushion is placed under your legs if you are using a table or a desk to elevate your legs.

Use the wall

Lie down on the floor and move towards the wall. Place a pillow under your head and raise your legs all the way up against the wall. Remain only 5-10 mins in this pose to avoid any stress put on your heels, knees or spine. 

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