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Published At: 29 Nov 2023
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What Should You Know About Flying After Sclerotherapy?

If you are planning to get sclerotherapy treatment, various questions may arise in your mind. Undoubtedly, it is a minimally invasive treatment for varicose veins and the procedure takes less than an hour. Some patients can even resume routine activities on the same day. 

But what if you have travel plans? What will be the after-care process and precautions? 

Let's discuss all this in the below post: 

Flying After Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is an effective non-surgical process. However, most varicose vein specialists recommend not to fly after the treatment. Sitting for long hours with limited legroom may give rise to a few complications. 

The chances are rare, but taking precautionary measures is imperative. Avoiding long flights for a few days is one of them. If you cannot avoid flying, make sure to book a short-distance flight of less than 4 hours. 

Guidelines And Tips to Fly After Sclerotherapy 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you fly: 

Wear Compression Stockings 

Decreased blood flow due to immobility is the biggest concern in flying. Compression stockings help you improve the blood flow by gently squeezing your legs. They are specifically designed for varicose vein patients.  Wearing compression stockings puts 

pressure on the lower legs, reducing the chance of swelling and blood clots. 

While flying, you will be sitting in one position for a long time. To minimize the discomfort, wear compression stockings. Also, be sure to try them beforehand. It will give you an idea of the size. You should not feel too much pressure after wearing them. An ideal size gives you a feel of gentle pressure on the legs. 

Stretching Exercises and Moving 

Instead of sitting in one position for a long time, try to change positions frequently. Also, take a break and go for bathroom visits. You can even walk around for a few minutes. Frequent walking improves blood circulation. This way, you are less likely to develop blood clots and swelling. 

Also, learn some stretching exercises that can be done while seated. Bending knees, rotating ankles, and lifting legs are a few of them. Another tip is to get an aisle seat. It will enable you to stretch easily and take frequent walking breaks without disturbing others. 

Consult a Vein Care Expert 

Try to consult your vein specialist before you fly. Getting tips from a professional always gives you peace of mind. As per the condition, your doctor will guide you in the best way. 

To get sclerotherapy treatment and know more about flying after it, visit our website and book your appointment. 

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To schedule your free consultation, please call (937) 325-3830 or