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Published At: 24 Aug 2023
Published By: Comprehensive Vein Care
How ClosureFast Treatment Transforms Vein Health?

If you are searching for treatments to resolve venous insufficiency, you must have heard about several latest procedures. Thankfully, many minimally invasive treatments are present today. One of the most successful treatments is ClosureFast. Let us learn about this treatment and find answers to the common queries that might arise in your mind:

What is a ClosureFast Treatment?

It is an (RFA) radiofrequency ablation treatment in which the physician treats venous insufficiency with the use of radiofrequency energy. The procedure targets the collagen of the vein walls by providing uniform heating. Consequently, it collapses and seals, after which the blood flow is transmitted towards the healthy veins.

What to Expect?

You can expect the following prior to the treatment:


It is the first phase, where the vein expert will check the veins through ultrasound and may also mark them with a skin marker.

Preparation for Catheter Insertion:

  • • You will be given local anesthesia to numb the area from which the catheter will be inserted.
  • • A small skin puncture will be made to insert the catheter.
  • • With the help of an ultrasound, the position of the catheter will be confirmed. 

Success Rate

One big reason for the popularity of ClosureFast treatment is its success rate. According to studies, it is the most successful treatment for venous insufficiency. The success rate is above 90%, and the procedure is minimally invasive.

When patients learn about negligible or no bruising and its high success rate, they prefer this treatment.

Recovery Time and Care

Patients experience minimal to no complications following this procedure. There is no need for bed rest after the procedure.   Patients can typically return to routine activities immediately or soon after the procedure.

However, experts advise to elevate the legs with the help of a pillow and walk after every hour. Wearing a compression stocking is also helpful. In case of light bruising on the area where the catheter was inserted, anti-inflammatory medications can be taken.

Common Concerns

Here are a few common concerns related to the procedure:

  1. Can I travel after the procedure?

In most cases, it is safe to travel short distances where leg movement is not restricted. However, for long-distance traveling, additional precautions are needed.

      2.                  Is it suitable for everyone? 

It varies from case to case. An ultrasound exam can determine which treatment option will be suitable for the patient.


      3.                  Is it painful?

As local anesthesia is used to numb the area, there is no pain during the procedure. Once it is done, patients might feel slight pain for which medications are given. 

Remember, ClosureFast is just a treatment with proven results. It is not a complete cure for venous diseases. In some cases, patients might return after several years for additional treatment. 

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To schedule your free consultation, please call (937) 325-3830 or