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Published At: 14 Jun 2019
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Causes and Treatment of Bulging Veins

Causes of bulging veins can be varicose veins that are blue or dark purple and appear near to the surface of your skin. Bulges often form on the legs and feet but can occur anywhere. You may experience bulging varicose veins after you have been standing or sitting for long periods. Varicose veins treatment in Springfield, Ohio will help get rid of these types of bulging veins.

Venous insufficiency can cause protruding veins. Inside your veins is a series of valves that prevent blood from flowing backward. If these valves are not working correctly and your veins have weakened, blood will pool inside the vein. The result is a visible bulging vein.

Pregnancy is a risk factor for swollen veins. When you are pregnant pressure on the veins increases and makes it hard for blood to flow back to the heart. The total volume of blood in your body is more significant during pregnancy, and this leads to bulging varicose veins.

Vein walls have muscles that help keep the blood flowing back to the heart. As you age, the walls of your veins grow weaker, and blood pools in one place. This pooling blood causes distended veins.

Blood clots that form deep inside veins are called thrombophlebitis. This type of blood clot usually happens in your leg, but it can also develop in your arm or neck veins. Thrombophlebitis affects deep veins, and you are at risk for a pulmonary embolism if you have a blood clot deep inside a vein.

5 Treatments for Bulging Veins

There are several varicose vein treatments in Ohio. Once your condition has been identified,Dr. Ajaz Umerani from Comprehensive Vein Care , Springfield, Ohio will help you choose the best treatment. You don’t have to worry so much about bulging veins during pregnancy; these usually disappear three months to a year after delivery.

• Lifestyle Changes. You can reduce the severity of varicose and bulging veins by eating healthy, watching your weight, exercising, and avoiding standing and sitting for long periods. Put your feet up frequently or use a footrest when you sit.

• Compression stockings help your veins and muscles move blood back to the heart. Compression stockings work by applying constant pressure to your legs. You can purchase compression stocking at medical supply stores and pharmacies.

• Sclerotherapy is a procedure that will help with bulging veins. Dr Ajaz Umerani injects your veins with a special solution. This solution helps the veins to form scar tissue and close. Sclerotherapy is not harmful to your legs since the blood flow reroutes to nearby healthy veins.

• Vein Stripping. During this type of surgery, Dr Ajaz Umerani removes the varicose veins via several small incisions in your skin. Blood flow will not be affected since the blood is directed to nearby healthy veins. Varicose vein therapy in Ohio is an effective procedure that will leave you with healthy looking legs.

• Ambulatory phlebectomy is almost like vein stripping. Varicose vein treatment in Arizona is done by a doctor making small punctures in your skin and removing the varicose vein through these holes. Ambulatory phlebectomy is done in an outpatient setting.

Bulging veins may be a cosmetic problem, or medical conditions can cause protruding veins. Watch for symptoms of shortness of breath, chest pains and ulcers near your veins. These symptoms could be signs of serious health problems. Contact D. Ajaz Umerani in Springifled,  if you experience bulging veins in combination with these symptoms, or if you are anxious to have bulging veins reduced.

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To schedule your free consultation, please call (937) 325-3830 or