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Published At: 27 Apr 2023
Published By: Comprehensive Vein Care
How to Exercise for Varicose Veins?

If you notice swollen cord-like veins under your skin, especially on your legs, you might have varicose veins. The cramps and discomfort in your legs can be a reason for these twisted veins. 

Though many treatment options are available, exercise is essential. Unfortunately, most patients do not know the safe way to exercise for varicose veins. 

This article will teach you some low-impact exercises that do not put a strain on your leg muscles. They include: 


Walking improves blood circulation, reduces swelling, and ultimately alleviates pain. Besides this, if you develop a daily habit of walking, it can help reduce weight. Obesity can further increase complications for a person suffering from varicose veins. Therefore, walk at least 30 minutes daily apart from taking a balanced diet. 

If you are practicing this exercise for the first time, start slow. Eventually, increase your speed, and don’t forget to stay hydrated. Most importantly, wear comfortable shoes and try to walk on a flat surface. 


Another best way to improve blood flow in your legs is cycling. You can do outdoor cycling or purchase a stationary cycle. But, in both cases, gradually increase the length of time. It will help your body to adjust to this change and decrease the risk of injury. 

Additionally, try to keep your posture straight. Otherwise, you will have neck and back pain after a long cycling session. You can also do cycling by lying on your back and peddling in the air with your legs up and bent. 


Yoga, known for improving mental health and alleviating stress, also improves blood circulation. Due to its commendable health benefits, this exercise has become widely known in the United States of America. 

Individuals with varicose veins can practice several yoga poses that involve leg stretching. One of them is the Legs Up the Wall pose. 

Performing this yoga exercise is simple. You need to find a flat surface near the wall. Lie down and elevate your legs so the sitting bones touch the wall. In this pose, your legs will become perpendicular to the wall. 


Like other exercises, swimming is also a good option for people with varicose veins. However, avoid swimming in hot water as it can worsen the condition, resulting in more swelling of the veins. Here are some safe pool exercises for you: 

Aquatic Running 

Running in the water is a cardio exercise, but it can be tricky for beginners. Try to start in shallow water. If it’s difficult, you can run into the deeper part. However, make sure to touch the bottom of the pool. 

Water Cycling 

Select a corner of the pool to take support and lift your legs a bit to do pedaling inside the water. 

Swimming Laps 

Choose any swimming style in which you feel comfortable moving back and forth in the water. 

Remember, exercise is not a complete solution for varicose veins. Comprehensive Vein Care provides the latest treatments to effectively cure this problem. You can book an appointment to get our professional consultation and specialized treatment for vein care. 

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To schedule your free consultation, please call (937) 325-3830 or