standard-title Case 4

Case 4


A 44-year old female was evaluated in our office for lower extremity swelling, aching, restless legs and cramping at night time. She has been an ICU nurse for several years. She has worn compression stockings for several years.


  • The 44-year old female is an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurse for past several years.
  • She was having mild symptoms of varicose veins for several years.
  • Her mother had also undergone few sclerotherapy treatments for large varicose veins in legs.


  • On exam, she was noted to have lower extremity swelling and mild skin discoloration.
  • No visible veins were noted on exam.
  • A venous ultrasound performed in our office revealed large and incompetent varicose veins.

Treatment Details

Office visit notes and ultrasound results were submitted to her health insurance. Procedures were approved. The patient underwent VenaSeal™ vein closure followed up by Varithena. Patient has noted improvement in her symptoms. Follow up ultrasound revealed successful vein closure. She has been advised to continue with compression stockings and routine follow up in our office.

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