standard-title Case 3

Case 3


A 69-year old male was evaluated for recurrence of varicose veins. Several years ago, the patient had undergone vein stripping. He is a retired school teacher. Symptoms included leg swelling, pain, itching and skin discoloration. He had developed cellulitis and was treated with multiple courses of antibiotics.


  • 69-year old male retired school teacher.
  • He was first diagnosed with varicose veins in the early 60s and underwent vein stripping.
  • The procedure was a success but after a few days, he suffered from an infection in the form of cellulitis.


  • A venous ultrasound performed in our office confirmed very large and tortuous varicose veins.
  • The patient was advised for compression stockings.

Treatment Details

The patient was re-evaluated in 3 months. Treatment options were discussed with the patient in detail. He underwent Varithena vein closure followed by sclerotherapy on both legs. Follow-up exams and venous ultrasound reveal successful vein closure. Symptoms have been resolved. The patient will be followed in our office for continued surveillance.

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