standard-title Case 1

Case 1


The patient was a 78-year old male evaluated for large varicose veins in both lower extremities. He has worked at a local grocery store for several years. Symptoms included leg swelling, aching, pain and restless legs.


  • The 78-year-old male worked at a grocery store.
  • Symptoms had appeared in the last few months
  • The patient is a little overweight and never had been treated for varicose veins.


  • A venous ultrasound performed in our office revealed large varicose veins bilaterally.
  • The patient was advised for compression stockings.

Treatment Details

The patient was re-evaluated in 6 months. Treatment options were discussed with the patient. He underwent Radiofrequency Ablation (ClosureFast™) of bilateral greater saphenous and small saphenous veins. Follow-up exams and ultrasound revealed successful vein closure. The patient was advised to continue with compression stockings and follow up in one year.

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