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Before & After Photos


The patient was a 78-year old male evaluated for large varicose veins in both lower extremities. He has worked at a local grocery store for several years. Symptoms included leg swelling, aching, pain and restless legs.


A 69-year old male was evaluated for recurrence of varicose veins. Several years ago, the patient had undergone vein stripping. He is a retired school teacher. Symptoms included leg swelling, pain, itching and skin discoloration. He had developed cellulitis and was treated with multiple courses of antibiotics.


The patient was a 31-year-old female who was suffering from superficial veins visible in both legs, which became worse following her third pregnancy. Symptoms included pain and discomfort that usually intensified at night, during hot weather and during menstrual periods.


A 44-year old female was evaluated in our office for lower extremity swelling, aching, restless legs and cramping at night time. She has been an ICU nurse for several years. She has worn compression stockings for several years.